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Varo has been at your service since 1958. A professional service is one of our top priorities. That is why we like to respond quickly to the latest market evolutions and ever-changing needs of our clients.

Schroefboormachine Powerplus Dual Power 40V

Your Powerplus tools stay in excellent shape thanks to our service

Whether you are a professional or a DIYer: once you discover the user-friendly and powerful Powerplus tools, you’ll never want for anything else.

You can count on our quality products and solid service.

Fast and excellent service

Does your Powerplus tool need maintenance or repair, despite its solid quality? Our technical support team is ready to fix your tool quickly and skilfully.

The in-house service can count on more than 60 years of rock-solid know-how and all the materials, tools and spare parts it needs.

This way you can get back to work in no time!

Schroefboormachine Powerplus
Powerplus haagschaar


*All Powerplus tools and batteries come with a quality warranty of 2 years. All tools from the yellow Powerplus X product line, the Powerplus XB tools and the Dual Power battery platform have a 3-year warranty. When you register your Powerplus XB tools, you receive an extra year of warranty. The tools from the green Pro Power product line come with 4 years of warranty (only valid in Belgium and the Netherlands). See our *terms of warranty for more information.

In the unlikely case that a problem occurs with one of our tools, our in-house technical support team has all the necessary materials and spare parts at their disposal to finish the repair in no time.

Need help with the repair of one of our tools? Or do you need some spare parts?

Call our technical support on: +32 (0)3 292 92 90

Or send an email to