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Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions regarding the purchase, registration or maintenance of one of our tools? Or do you have a general question about Powerplus or Varo? You can find an answer to the most frequently asked questions below.

Purchasing tools

I want to purchase a tool.

If you have any questions about a tool you wish to purchase, please contact your point of sale or send us an e-mail to You can also call us on +32 (0)3 292.92.92. You can find all our tools on our website.

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Points of sale

Our tools are sold in various countries, in physical and online stores. Click on the link below to see an overview of all retailers that sell our tools. You can view all stores on a map, to see which retailers near you offer a selection of our tools.

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Which product line should I choose?

Powerplus offers you a variety of product lines, to ensure you find the right quality tool for every task. Please check our product line information page to learn which product line fits your needs best.

Compare product lines

Which battery do I need?

Every Powerplus product line has its designated set of batteries. So, to power a tool, you will need a batter from the same product line. Please also make sure the battery has the correct voltage.

On each product’s information page, you can find all compatible accessories and batteries.

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I haven’t received my tools.

Please contact your point of sale to find out what went wrong.

My Powerplus

What can I do in my account?

You can manage your data and choose which emails we may send you. You can also register your tools, as well as find an overview of all your registered tools. And last but not least, you can check your bonus point balance and order fun and handy gifts and gadgets.

Where can I find current promotions and the latest news?

You can find all our promotions and offers on our website. For the latest news, please visit

Attention: promotion conditions may vary, depending on the retailer. Promotions may be valid in store or online only. Please read the specific conditions for the relevant information.

How can I register my product?

Registering your Dual Power tools earns you bonus points or special offers such as extra batteries.

Already registered? Please log in to your account. You can choose your Facebook or Google profile to log in as well.

Not yet registered? Click on the REGISTER button on top of the webpage and fill in the form. You can also use your Facebook and Google profile in order to create an account, through the LOG IN form.
Please do not forget to confirm your email address.

Once you are registered and logged in, you can register your tool.
Click on REGISTER MY PRODUCT. Choose the product from the list.

Click on the NEXT-button. Fill in your details and upload your receipt. Click on CONFIRM to confirm your registration. We will send you a confirmation email.

Register your product

When will my bonus gifts be delivered?

When you successfully ordered a gift with your bonus points, you will receive it within 2 weeks. In case your chosen gift is temporarily out of stock, we will do our best to ship it as soon as possible.

I still haven’t received my gifts.

Please make sure your order was correctly registered and that all information was filled in correctly. Please do not forget to confirm your order. If all of the above-mentioned steps were completed successfully, please contact us on our email or call us on +32 (0)3 292 92 92. This way we can sort out what went wrong.

Is there a warranty on gifts and promotional products?

Gifts or promotional products fall under the same warranty terms & conditions as regularly purchased products. Please keep all correspondence as proof.

How can I redeem my bonus points?

Log in to your account to redeem your bonus points. On the tab MY GIFTS, you can choose your favourite gift. Please check your delivery address before confirming your order. Your gift will be delivered within 2 weeks.

Redeem bonus points

How can I receive my cashback?

After your tool has been registered successfully, go to the MY REGISTRATIONS tab and choose the tool for which you receive a cashback. Next to the product, the text CASHBACK should be displayed. Fill in your details and click on SAVE.

Register your cashback

Maintenance & repairs

Do you offer maintenance programmes?

No, sadly we do not offer any maintenance formulas. However, some of our retail partners may suggest a winter service for your lawnmower, hedge trimmer, brush cutter or chainsaw. Our in-house technical service team will then service your Powerplus tool.

My product is not functioning properly.

If you can, please try first to fix the issue yourself, with the information provided in your instruction manual. Have you lost your manual? You can find every tool’s manual on the product information page on There you can select your language and download a pdf-version.

If you cannot solve the problem yourself, please feel free to contact your point of sale.

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Where can I get my tool repaired?

If your tool is malfunctioning, you can bring or sent it back to the point of sale. You will need to show or attach your receipt as proof of warranty. The retailer will then send your to our technical service where we will repair it as fast as possible. The repaired tool will be sent back to your point of sale, where you can pick it up again.

A part of my tool is damaged.

We have the most important spare parts on stock. You can order them through your retailer, who can inform you if the part is on stock.

One of my tool’s accessories is broken.

Accessories that get damaged due to regular use and wear, do not fall under the warranty coverage. New accessories can be purchased at your point of sale.

My product is damaged.

My product is still in its warranty period.

Please return your product, together with your proof of purchase to your point of sale. Your tool will then be sent to our technical service team, where it will be repaired.

My product is still in its warranty period, but I have lost the proof of purchase.

We can only repair tools according to our warranty policy, if you can show a proof of purchase. This is necessary to determine the warranty period. However, if you still wish to have your tool repaired, you can return it to your point of sale. They can estimate the cost of the repair, before it is carried out.

Please note that your point of sale may be able to give you a copy of your proof of purchase, based on loyalty cards or other retailer-specific registration programmes. Contact your point of sale for more information.

My product is no longer covered by the warranty.

If you still wish to have your tool repaired, you can return it to your point of sale. They can estimate the cost of the repair, before it is carried out.


How long is the warranty period?

The warranty period varies between product lines. Our grey Powerplus C- and E-line have a 2-year warranty period. Our yellow Powerplus X-line, together with the XB-line and out battery platform Dual Power have a 3-year warranty period. When you register your XB-tools after purchase, you receive an extra year of warranty. Tools from the professional Pro Power line fall under a 4-year warranty period (only valid in Belgium and the Netherlands).
Our Powerplus lighting devices have a standard 2-year warranty period, whereas the WOCTA product range offers a whopping 10-year period.

The warranty period starts on the date of purchase.

Read our warranty terms & conditions


Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? We are happy to help you with all your questions. Please contact us on or +32 (0)3 292 92 90 for general questions. For technical questions or questions about warranty, you can contact our technical service on or +32 (0)3 292 92 92.